Tom Cruise Filming New Movie In Birmingham


One of the biggest stars in the world is in Birmingham at present, as Tom Cruise is shooting for the upcoming release of Mission Impossible. Cruise is undeniably one of the biggest Hollywood stars in the world, but it seems that even he is unable to deter away from the sightseeing in the second city.

In between filming for the upcoming film, Cruise was spotted leaving Asha’s in the city, where he reportedly enjoyed two Chicken Tikka Masalas. Who could possible blame Cruise, after all, very few cities in the world are able to deliver better curries.

Cruise Shooting Scenes In Grand Central

The Hollywood A-Lister was spotted for the first time in Brum a couple of weeks ago now, but the superstar is filming scenes for the upcoming release in Grand Central. The station is being used for various sequences, while it has also been muted that the vacant John Lewis store in the city is also being used for scenes for the upcoming release.

Pictures from inside Grand Central have been uncovered, which shows that the top floor has been redesigned to look like an international airport, with signs for gates in English and Arabic. Onlookers were certainly delighted to see the Hollywood superstar, with one even teasing that he could venture further into the Birmingham nightlife at some point, with a potential trip to Popworld likely to break the internet.

Cruise mania in the second city is likely to continue for the coming days, with signs around the train station indicating that filming will be taking place around Grand Central between 23rd August and 25th August. Who knows where we may see Cruise next.


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