Nathan Dawe pays visit to Villa-mad fan club in Ghana


Any Aston Villa fans that peruse Twitter regularly will have probably come across @avfcghana – a fan club based out of Juaben, Ghana who go absolutely crazy for the boys in Claret and Blue. They were set up in 2019 by AVFC super fan Owusu Boakye Amando whose love for the club was ignited when his Grandfather would tell him stories as a child of Villa legend Paul McGrath (or ‘God’ as he’s also known).

And similarly any EDM music fans who’ve ever listened to the radio just once (probably) will be familiar with Nathan Dawe, a DJ whose songs such as ‘Lighter’ (featuring KSI) have enjoyed overwhelming chart success.

Well, last week these two very different worlds collided as Dawe, also a self-confessed Villa nut hailing from Burton Upon Trent, flew out to Juaben to pay the Ghana Lions a visit; and judging by the fan fare he received when arriving at the airport, his week was set to be anything but a low-key one.

As he got off the plane, tens if not hundreds of the Ghana Lions were waiting for him (laden with banners) to welcome him to their country.

And after a hectic week which saw Dawe meet the King of Juaben and of course, watch Villa beat Leeds United 3-0 with the Ghana Lions, the EDM star described his visit as the ‘best experience of his life’.

With traditionally ‘bigger’ clubs like Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal gaining the Lion share of fans across the world, it is certainly heart warming to see a club like Villa (who are certainly no minnows themselves) garner such support in a small town on the other side of the world.


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