Escape Birmingham With Mystery Guides


Do you love escape rooms and adventures in the big city? Why not combine both and take part in one of Mystery’s Guides escape activities. These activities bring escape rooms outdoors and let you discover Birmingham’s history while solving clues.

Mystery Guides have multiple escape activities for lots of cities around the UK such as London, Edinburgh, and of course Birmingham. The Birmingham’s edition is called “The Mystery of The Fake Cheque Fiasco”. This mystery is based around the scenario of a bank collapsing when a large cheque is cashed in, but it turns out to be fake. Your job as detectives is to catch the guilty thief and keep Birmingham’s streets safe. By searching the city, solving puzzles, and decoding clues you will be able to find the criminal and bring him to justice.

The Escape Birmingham pack will cost you just £19.99 for everything you will need to complete the activity. The mystery will take around 3 hours to crack and will take you on a 3.25 km adventure. All the guides are highly rated on TripAdvisor and are also recommended as a gift.

The guide will let you discover Birmingham’s deep rooted history while participating in a mysterious adventure to crack the case of the fake cheque. This is perfect to do with family or friends and is guaranteed to bring some entertainment to your day.

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